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Our Mission

We Designed to Supercharge Success

Ring up Sales, Track Inventory, Manage Employees and More, all from your app!


  • Founded by a retailer, AccountPe is designed to kill those daily stresses: From robust, time-saving inventory and staff management tools, to detailed, real-time analytics and everything in between — you won't just have a better business, you'll have a better day.

  • Boss Your Inventory
    No matter how vast your inventory, AccountPe's automated inventory management tools will save you hours, grow your margins, and avoid costly human errors.

  • Reporting Made Easy
    Grow your profit margins and understand costs by using precise, detailed data and real-time reports accessible from your desktop or smartphone.

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AccountPe's Powerful Register Makes Payments Painless

  • AccountPe's smart, modern register, is built for speed and efficiency.

  • From ringing up items to tracking customers and beyond, increasing productivity with the AccountPe cash register is always a couple of button taps away, like it should be!

Features You Won't Want to Live Without AccountPe


  • Customize your AccountPe register layout the way you want for maximum transaction speed. Plus, never miss a sale again with offline credit card payments.

  • Refunds and Returns

  • Perform returns efficiently and issue refunds to customers from current or previous shifts, even without a receipt present.

  • Deposits/Down Payments

  • Offer customers the option of leaving a security deposit or partial payment towards items instead of paying all at once.

  • Discounts

  • Customize your retail store's discounts, require manager approval (if you wish), and easily track total discounts applied.

Why AccountPe Solutions is The Right Solution?

Manage and grow your business from any location.

  • Manage your products, prices and customer data anywhere in the world. Track each users performance, discover best selling products, and get a snapshot of store-wise performance.

  • Works with a wide range of hardware.

  • It connects with the most popular point of sale equipment and hardware, and integrates with a variety of payment providers. Simply plug in a network receipt printer, connect a barcode scanner, and you’re set. It might even work with printers, cash drawers & barcode scanners you already own.

Why AccountPe Solutions is The Right Solution?

We Take Customer Care Just As Seriously As You Do:

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Advanced security Features

Use Audit Trail to protect you against employee fraud and detect employee errors by recording transactions entered, edited or deleted from the SYSTEM—with no impact on product performance

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Manage multiple devices

Access and manage Accounts from any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone anytime and anywhere.

Create access privileges with multiuser logins at multi location to enable simultaneous online use.

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Enhanced Reporting

Enhanced built-in reports as and when required combines reports from multiple company and locations to get a comprehensive status of the transactions recorded.

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